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Latest Project: 4 MW Rental power plant for Alstom Cairo Monorail Project

We’re pleased to announce that we have recently completed a project to supply a 4 MW Rental Power plant to the french multinational "Alstom" for the cairo monorail project.

This project included the installation of a containerized weatherproof diesel generator, two 2000KVA/1600KW prime power systems with 400V and 50HZ, an outdoor, oil-immersed 2000 KVA ABB transformer with 400/22000 Volt Y/D connection, a 500 KV load bank, two fuel tanks totaling 10,000L, and the necessary fuel system, low voltage cabling and mechanical equipment to operate the plant.

This project meets all national and international standards and regulations and has been thoroughly tested with satisfactory results. We are proud to have completed this project on time and within budget, and we look forward to continuing to provide high-quality services and solutions to our valued clients.

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